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Have you always missed the opportunity to be in the right place, or the right position with a growing group at the right time??


Before we go into the recruiting language, let me share with you what we have here.

One year ago, a dear friend and I decided to build a new business that had a great cause, need and income potential. We decided to embark on a one year journey to put everything into it and maintain that business

We did and we did quite well with it. But as we built it, we knew that we had to go back to the basics and principles of helping people with their health and wealth. A few months ago, we started a search for a company and product that would enrich people's lives thru health and wealth.

Our vision was to provide the best environment to have information and products that would impact their health first, then financial wealth would be a direct result of their satisfaction with the product and our efforts.

Our dear friends and families needs to feel that the information we provide is the best for their welfare, not for the company or for distributor.

What is the benefit of having riches if you cannot enjoy it without others?

Take a few minutes of your time to do the research of what we have here and contact me for more information.

See Below:

We are getting a team of leaders, that have the years and experience together in Hawaii, that will help the initial people capture a large volume from American Samoa, , Thailand, Philippines, and Canada…. And of course, the USA and Hawaii.

We are bringing the best people we know who have skills and also people who are passionate about the product and helping people so that they can benefit from this as we will have a location to have daily meetings and trainings.

We also have web tools, access to lead generation systems. Can you imagine if you can have an unending stream of leads from across the USA?

There are many good companies and opportunities out there, but the challenge is to put together a group that is willing to work hard together with a common vision to provide the best for our friends and family.

Product !!!! Company!!! Timing!!!

Compensation!!! Market !!! Cause!!!

All of these are important and it is all there, but the group dynamics will be catalyst.

A huge momentum will be created if the proper strategy and planning is done with a concentrated focused group effort.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
Michael Jordan

If you agree the strategy and commitment of the key group members is just as important or more important then the other 5 components, and you want to be part of this then,

Contact either
Howard or Holan Nakata at