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HEALTH- Kangen Water

Kangen Healing Water 

Acidic Water (Ph 4 - 6)

When the water is electrolyzed, it is divided into two parts: Alkaline and Acid. The alkaline water with ORP -150mV and -400mV is called kangen water. How about acidic one? An useless byproduct of Kangen water? Well, nothing is wasted in nature, so does this acidic water. This acidic water can be appled to our bodies externally to promote well-beings.

Don't be stingy with skin lotions and shaving lotions. This water helps to tone your skin after bath or shower, or after shaving. It tightens pores and smooths your skin.

You can use this water in cooking, too. If you like al-dente pasta, use acidic water to boil them. Enjoy and invite people for pasta dinner.

Acidic water is also a natural Windex. You can use it to shine glasses, mirrors and windows