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HEALTH- Alkaline Water

Alkaline - Healing Water 

Alkaline Water (pH 8 - 10)

It is recommended to drink Kangen water (around Ph 9.5) more than 2 Liters (8 glasses) on a daily basis for optimum health.

Some people who normally have difficulty drinking many glasses of water find it enjoyable to drink 8 glasses of Kangen water because of its lightness and energy. Start with a few glasses of lower pH and gradually work your way up on the pH level and its amount.

You might experience some change in bowel movement such as excess gas, diarrhea, and constipation. Some people experience a light headahe. When these happen, simply cut back the amount and lower the pH level and proceed slowly.

It is better to drink fresh Kangen water right out from the unit when its deoxidation potential is the highest. Drink 2-3 glasses of it in the morning before brekfast is highly recommended by many doctors in Japan. Ideally, water is better consumed 30 minuits before meals. It helps body to prepar secreting the digestive juice.

When going out, fill up a water bottle with Kangen water. A dark and tightly sealable bottle can preserve good ORP (-150mV to -400mV) for many hours, preventing oxidation of water from sunlight and oxygen.

Usage Examples

1. Best drinking water

Drink 2~3 glasses of water, first thing in the morning. Compared to tap water, Kangen water has no unpleasant odors, tastes lighter, and has a pleasantly sweet flavor.

2. As a chaser when drinking alcoholic beverages

Make sure to drink Kangen water and use Kangen water ice-cube when you drink alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is strongly acidic in nature and mixing with Kangen (alkaline) makes it milder and prevents hangovers. You can also drink Kangen water before going to bed to prevent hangovers.

3. For drinking during mealtimes

It is important to include vegetables in your diet when eating substantial amounts of acidic foods, such as egg yolk, white rice and any meat. Drinking alkaline Kangen water is equally important because it balances the acidic and alkaline effects of these foods.

4. Use when brewing teas and coffee

Teas: Prevents tannin in the tea and brews the tea to a rich color. Eliminates the bitter aftertaste common in teas, and the teas are delicious even when served cold.

Coffee: Improves aroma and color, while preserving the naturally acidic taste of coffee. You can obtain a full, rich taste, even when using only half the usual amount of coffee beans.

5. Cooking Tips - Chefs' Dream Water!!

Ideal water to prep the foods with, whether vegetables, fish or meat. It even gets rid of the rawness of certain vegetables, such as burdock, onions and bamboo shoots, by simply soaking them. Also, soaking livers or any gamey meat in Kangen water for 20 to 30 minuetes will reduce strong smells and bloodiness.

Blanching green vegetables, such as spincach, string beans and broccolli, in Kangen water will not only bring out more natural flavors out of vegetables but also bring out more vibrant green color.

With its outstanding dissolving and extracting properties, Kangen water draws out more natural flavors of the ingredients; therefore requires less seasonings. A significant advantage when preparing soups, stocks and sauces.

Kangen water also improves the heat conduction and thus cuts down on cooking time as much as 30%. Combined with its advertised extracting ability, the ingredients will cook to a tender consistency with full natural flavors in a much shorter time while requiring less seasonings.

Now what else can you ask from a water? No wonder more than 30,000 restaurants and cafes of all sizes in Japan are already using this Kangen water in all areas of their kitchen.

6. For Flowers and Plants

Extends the freshness and the life of most flowers and plants* as well as restores the health of sick ones. Also stimulates germination and improves seeding development.

*Certain varieties (roses, berries and some trees) favors an acidic environment.

7. For Pets

Your pets health will improve dramatically as well. Unpleasant body odor will decrease as well as the odor of their feces and urine.

8. For Arts and Crafts

Are you an artist? Try watercolor painting or dyeing with Kangen water. You will find that the colors are much more vibrant and the paint brush runs smoothly over the paper.

9. Other Health Tips

Supplements: No other waters will come even close when it comes to taking supplements with, thanks to its incomparable dissolving, penetrating and deoxidizing powers. Whatever kind of supplements you take, you take them for one reason, antioxidant. Once you know all waters but this Kangen water have oxidizing power (positive ORP), it becomes a simple math. Antioxidant supplements with oxidizing water as a transport? I don't think so.

Colon Cleansing: Did you know approximately 90% of all free radicals inside your body are created by overfermentation in the intestines? When you consider those free radicals are accounted for 90% of most common chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetetes, etc., you are basically nurturing those diseases right inside your intestines. Although drinking lots of Kangen water every day definitely helps improve your digestive system, you might want to consider the colon cleansing to remove accumulated debris and waste. You will feel completely different, inside out!!