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HEALTH- Kangen Water

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Super Functional Waters (Not Suitable for Drinking)

Unlike most water ionizers, some high quality electrolyzed water units, when salt (99% Sodium Chloride) is added, are powerful enough to transform the incoming tap water into two different solutions: detergent (Super Kangen Water) and disinfectant (Super Acidic Water).

Note: These two waters come out from the unit at the same time: Super Kangen from the upper hose and Super Acidic from the bottom.

When it comes to protect our health, these water can substitute many chemical-based products in our daily lives. Using these incredibly functional waters in all facets of your household cleanings is indeed a good safety proposition for both your family and the environment. Since you now can go chemically free in your home, you are not producing chemical-based sewage anymore!! This is why the high quality electrolyzed unit is called eco-friendly product from environmentalists.

If you are not sure about the benefits of Kangen water, these waters can let you experience the power of electrolyzed water right away.

Super Acidic Water (pH 2.5 and lower)

Super acidic water has lower pH (2.5 and down) and higher ORP (over 1,100mV) than regular acidic water and contains hypochlorous acid.

Do you notice strong chemical odor of cleaning agent when you go to places such as public bathrooms, gyms, hospitals, offices and schools? It protect you from harmful bacterias and virus and, at the same time, makes you feel sick, too.

This safest antibacterial and disinfectant water is the choice of our generation: it kills 99.9% of known bacterias and organisms within 30 seconds of contact and has no side effect. It was officially approved for food product disinfection effect in June of 2002, by the Japanese government.

Many hospitals and dental clinics in Japan now use this water to disinfect facilities, medical instruments and hands. Some of them are now completely abandoning the more traditional sterilization process, thanks to the power of this water.

It is also found to improve many skin conditions, such as rashes, acne, dermatitis, burns, scars and even hemorrhoids. However, the most dramatic result of using this water is the cases of diabetic patients whose legs were scheduled to amputate in days. Drinking Kangen water and soaking the gangrenous feet in super acidic water for 30min a day for a couple months turned the critical condition back to nomal.

Now this safest antibacterial and disinfectant water can also be used in many areas of your life:

  • mouth wash to prevent toothache and storengthen gum
  • gargle to prevent and care sore throat
  • spray under armpits and foot to prevent odor
  • soak your toes to care athletes foot
  • massage it into scalp to prevent and care dandruff and baldness

This goes for your pets as well. Many veterinarians, pet shops and boarding facilities in Japan are also making the conversion. Pet owners should also appriciate this water along with Kangen water because they can cut the pet's medical bill significantly.

Outside the medical world, some farmers in Japan are investing in the super acidic water machine ($20,000-30,000) to replace peticides, in order to protect thier produce and their own health. With this water, farmers no longer have to cover their bodies from head to toe, like they used to do when they were spraying pesticides.

It is clear to anybody that this water has been significantly improving lives of many people and environment we live in


Video on treatment of an infected foot of a diabetic patient