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HEALTH- Kangen Water

Kangen Healing Water 

Super Functional Waters (Not Suitable for Drinking)

Unlike most water ionizers, some high quality electrolyzed water units, when salt (99% Sodium Chloride) is added, are powerful enough to transform the incoming tap water into two different solutions: detergent (Super Kangen Water) and disinfectant (Super Acidic Water).

Note: These two waters come out from the unit at the same time: Super Kangen from the upper hose and Super Acidic from the bottom.

When it comes to protect our health, these water can substitute many chemical-based products in our daily lives. Using these incredibly functional waters in all facets of your household cleanings is indeed a good safety proposition for both your family and the environment. Since you now can go chemically free in your home, you are not producing chemical-based sewage anymore!! This is why the high quality electrolyzed unit is called eco-friendly product from environmentalists.

If you are not sure about the benefits of Kangen water, these waters can let you experience the power of electrolyzed water right away.

Super Kangen Water (ph 11 and up)

This water has higher ph than regular Kangen water (ph 8 to 10) and is not suitable for drinking. It contains sodium hydroxide, giving it the same capacity as soapy water.

You can first use this water in all facets of your household cleanings; dishes, laundry, bathroom, floor, window, etc. And then, you can use Super Acidic Water to sanitize the certain areas. Now that you can replace those conventional chemical-based products with these functional waters, you can be assured of extra safety if you have small children in your home.

In addition, since this is still water essentially, it can be used for your cooking as well. For instance, you can remove protein fat contaminants, which are breeding grounds of bacteria, from the meat by soaking it in this water when preparing the food. This will be your new ritual before cooking: washing and sosking meats, fish, vegitable to cleanse off oxydized fat and toxins