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HEALTH- Germanium

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The Health Benefits of Oxy-Powder with Germanium
By: Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, PhD, ND, DACBN
We have recently increased the effectiveness of our Oxy-Powder product with the addition of “Organic Germanium-132" which is made up of the elements germanium, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. Organic germanium-132, technically bis-beta-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide, is also known as Ge-132. High levels of the mineral are found in shelf fungus, ginseng, garlic, comfrey, and watercress. Ge-132 is claimed to have immuno-stimulatory and other health benefits. Germanium has been described as one of the greatest secrets in the field of nutritional medicine. It has been labeled “Good for just about any health condition”. Germanium is a mineral with an atomic weight of 32. We are now the only company in the world to provide Germanium with a stabilized oxygen product. Oxy-Powder will now release more oxygen and have a broad range of health benefits.
In animal studies, oral administration of Ge-132 stimulated production of gamma-interferon (gamma-IFN) and activation of macrophages and natural killer cells. [1] In humans, Ge-132 has been claimed to affect T- and B-cell function, natural killer proliferation, and other immune functions. [2] An abstract at the IX International Conference on AIDS in Berlin reported that "organic" germanium may act synergistically with alpha interferon in inhibiting HIV in the test tube.[3]
Ge-132 has no known toxicities.
Researched Benefits of Organic Germanium - 132

  • Germanium alleviates Angina when therapeutic doses are consumed.
  • Germanium improves the health of arteries.
  • Germanium helps lower blood pressure in some persons afflicted with hypertension.
  • Germanium also helps to prevent Raynaud’s Disease.
  • Germanium reduces the incidence of Gangrene in persons with Raynaud's.
  • Germanium can block the replication of the HIV virus by stimulating the body's production of Interferon, increasing the body's production of Macrophages and NK-Lymphocytes.
  • Germanium helps to suppress some forms of Cancer.
  • Germanium helps prolong the survival time of persons afflicted with Colon Cancer.
  • Germanium helps prolong the lifespan of persons afflicted with Liver Cancer.
  • Germanium significantly inhibits the development of Lung Cancer.
  • Germanium inhibits the growth of some forms of Detrimental Fungi:
  • Germanium inhibits the growth of Candida albicans.
  • Germanium activates resting Macrophages and converts them to cytotoxic (killer)
  • Germanium stimulates the production of Suppressor T-Cells.
  • Germanium lowers total serum Cholesterol levels.
  • Germanium enhances the body's utilization and facilitation of Oxygen.
  • Germanium lowers the requirement for Oxygen consumption by Organs.
  • Germanium protects against Carbon Monoxide asphyxiation.
  • Germanium alleviates various Eye Ailments:
  • Germanium retards the progression of Cataracts (by preventing the cross-linking of the
  • Germanium has been successfully used in the treatment of Detached Retinas.
  • Germanium alleviates Glaucoma.
  • Germanium rejuvenates the Blood Vessels that supply the Retina of the Eyes.
  • Germanium prevents decreased Bone strength, and increases lowered bone density
    caused by Osteoporosis.
  • Germanium temporarily alleviates Epilepsy.
  • Germanium very effectively alleviates Pain.

According to the ‘Nutrition News,’ “All diseases are attributable to the deficiency of oxygen. The danger of oxygen deficiency in the body can not be overemphasized.” Germanium greatly enriches oxygen in any living body. It raises the level of activity of various organs by enabling them to attract more oxygen and expels harmful pollutants and pathogens as well.
Germanium improves the health of the arteries and has a normalizing effect on blood pressure and serum cholesterol levels. It is imperative to take the non-toxic organic form Germanium-132 (germanium sesquioxide) as opposed to other forms of Germanium, which could have toxic effects.
Safety Factors and Toxicity

Organic Germanium-132 has been found to be safe and non-toxic even at high oral doses. Each batch must be assayed for composition and purity, and warranted free of germanium dioxide and acrilonitrile.
Germanium: An Oxygen Catalyst

In its organic form, each atom of germanium is bonded to three atoms of oxygen, making it an efficient carrier of oxygen. According to Dr. Stephen A. Levine, organic germanium seems to be able to partially substitute for or supplement oxygenation in living tissues. (7) Thus, Ge-132's ability to improve the efficiency of oxygen utilization at the cellular level could be of significant benefit. Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel prize-winning cancer researcher, discovered that cancer cells cannot metabolize oxygen properly. (11) Flooding cells with oxygen may retard the growth of cancer cells or even help to return them to normal. The "boosting" of available oxygen becomes significant when we realize that the underlying cause of many chronic diseases is free-radical damage resulting from insufficient cellular oxygenation. The Ge-132 acts as a carrier, facilitating the movement of oxygen across cellular membranes to get oxygen inside the cell! Dr. Asai attributed the effectiveness of organic germanium in combating a variety of diseases to its ability to oxygenate cells. Dr. Asai found that Ge-132 was effective in treating "cancer of the lungs, bladder, larynx and breast, neurosis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac insufficiency, inflammation of maxillary sinus, neuralgia, leukemia, softening of the brain, myoma of the uterus and hepatic cirrhosis." (1)
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